Can a Pool Service do this?

Pool service bead blasting is a term used for the cleaning process. Spherical particles are aimed against the pool surface at low speeds, with the use of compressed air. A bit like like sandblasting, bead blasting is a surface treatment, producing a smooth, even finish. Materials that are used for pool blasting may vary from garnet, to walnut shells, to glass. Each one of these materials are used for specific applications, producing distinct surface finishes.

Backyard swimming pool and patioThere are several types of media that can be used to remove calcium deposits from a pool’s waterline. Glass beads are the best when it comes to cleaning Pebble Tec. Not only does glass bead cleaning take a fraction of time that a pumice stone, or brush will, it produces better cleaning results than any other media available. Many pool service companies use a portable vacuum system, that removes the glass beads and calcium from your pool, with no mess to clean.

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