Advice from a pool service company

  1. Test the water. 

Pool service professionals advise water needs to be tested at regular intervals, approximately two or three times a week, make sure the pH is balanced, and the chlorine is in the right proportion.

  • Swimming pool cleanerAdjust the chemicals. 

Should this not be done the end result can be a big headache to clean up later, like algae, cloudy water, or scale-forming. Have you shocked the pool lately? It’s helpful occasionally to give the pool a chlorine shock treatment.

  • Regularly check the pool pump.

Clean or replaced your pool filter when needed.
Cleaning the pool water. Even though the pool filter is working, you must clean your pool water. Skimming bugs, debris, leaves, etc., from your pool will keep from clogging the filter.

  • Did you check the pool drains?

Remember to empty your skimmer basket. Dumping the leaves out of the skimmer basket will prevent it from cracking, causing strain on the pump, and clogging the line.
It is advised that you clean the walls, and bottom of your pool, at least once a week, use a nylon brush on the end of a pole, to discourage the growth of algae and bacteria.

If this sounds too much, or just too confusing call in a reputable pool service.
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